Poor Rich Boys are a hand drawn collection of 10,000 unique ERC-721 Tokens stored on the ethereum blockchain. Non-sequentially minted and provably unique, your Poor Rich Boy NFT also serves as your membership to the PRB Country Club. Granting you exclusive access to members-only perks, a unique PFP, events, and a special community second-to-none.

Each Poor Rich Boy serves as a key to our exclusive country club, granting you limitless experiences and opportunities. Putting our members needs/wants at the utmost priority is a big part of our overall mission. All holders gain access to exclusive giveaways/airdrops, events, merch drops, and ever-evolving roadmaps that are sure to be worth the journey. In turn, we hope you will be able to call our special community defined by excellence, prestige and respect, "Home".

First, you will need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a crypto currency exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or Gemini. Then, you will need to transfer your ETH into a digital wallet, the most popular being Metamask. You will be able to connect this wallet to the Poor Rich Boys website to mint your NFT, when the official mint day is live.

Yes, a significant portion of royalties from secondary sales will be used specifically to grow marketing campaigns, member benefits, giveaways, and the PRB private charity.

We believe giving back to our PRB family is important and we will be allocating funds for private charity within our community. Please refer to the discord charity thread for updates on these initiatives.

Absolutely. The Poor Rich Boys hereby transfer to holders the rights and interests without restriction. You will be the sole owner of your PRB NFT and it's secured within a ERC-721 token.